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Cowper and Newton Museum

Cowper and Newton Museum

During the spring of 2014 we were commissioned to make a bench to commemorate Pete and Toshi Seeger for placement in the wonderful Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney, Buckinghamshire. The commission to make this bench came coincidentally on the same day as we took the order for the bench requiring the plaque with the words of Wish You Were Here; one bench being to commemorate the life of a very gifted folk singer (and his wife), and the other with the words of a very gifted rock group.

In addition a link was made between Pete Seeger and the Cowper and Newton Museum by mentioning the Amazing Grace connection in the hand carved script. Pete was famous for his association with this song and led it at his 90th birthday concert; the song was of course written by John Newton.

The client who commissioned the bench had met and corresponded with Pete and this was his way of commemorating two lives, well-lived, that were devoted to helping people and making the world a better place – through action, and through the power of song.

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