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Extreme Benching in Scotland

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Extreme Benching in Scotland

We state that we are prepared to deliver and install our benches anywhere in the UK. The above gallery proves that this can include halfway up a hill in the Scottish mountains. The bench was made in memory of a lady held in high regard in Comrie and was commissioned by her brother. Without the able assistance of a number of local people and of course the permission (and 4WD vehicle) of the landowner we could not have got the bench to the site shown. If it had been raining then it would have been too dangerous to have manhandled the bench down to the location. Luckily the sun shone and with everybody’s help the bench was secured in position using our open ground kit. We normally reckon on taking about 1 hour to secure a bench in position, this took a little longer but we were kindly treated to a meal and drink in the local hotel. I chose venison and it was the business, Ria had a salmon fishcake which was also very tasty. The bench is located about 400 m upstream of the Deil’s Cauldron in Comrie and alongside a footpath that was special to Patricia.


This was a special experience for us, the friendliness of everyone we met was wonderful and I have the feeling that we may meet again.


Landowners sheep, lots of them wanting to head for the hills.

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