Oxford Memorial Benches | Oxford Memorial Benches - Frequently Asked Questions
We are a small family owned business and take great pride in all aspects of our business. We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of high quality memorial benches using FSC Oak and Iroko hardwood timber. In addition to making them we can also deliver and install throughout the UK. Find out more about us.
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We have compiled the most popular questions that have been put to us over the years. Click on the questions below to reveal your answers. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I require permission to install a bench?

Yes, very much so. Permission is always required from the official body or person who owns the land. It is recommended that you obtain this permission in writing in order to avoid misunderstandings which can result if there is a change of personnel. This is particularly the case with churches and councils. This is entirely the responsibility for you, the client. It is not practical or sensible for us to become involved. We can only arrive on site and carry out the installation.

Must I obtain approval for the method of installation?

Again yes. The method chosen must be approved. Some authorities insist on the bench free standing on slabs, some want them fixed to slabs, some insist on them being secured by cementing into position. We can oblige with whatever method is required.

Do we offer any guarantees of the bench installation being made thief proof?

No. A bench can always be stolen. It is not possible to install it in such a way as to render it thief proof. We use heavy duty brackets, shear nuts to secure shield anchors and we drill out the drive of some of the stainless steel screws but a determined thief will always be successful. A bench that has a carved inscription is less likely to be stolen than a bench with no inscription or only a plaque.

Do we install a full size plinth for the bench to stand on?

No. This must be arranged by yourself. The plinth should be 300m longer than the bench, 75mm thick and preferably 1200mm front to back to accommodate your feet. A concrete plinth requires a minimum of 72 hours curing time before we can secure the bench to it.

Is your option of installing onto slabs okay for a public area?

The option of us securing the bench to 2 slabs is an option that is fine for churchyards and other areas where there is limited public access but we would not recommend this as a good option for a very public area.
We can secure the bench firmly to the slabs but the bench and slabs could therefore be lifted or pushed over.

In instances where the owner of the land will not permit the casting of a large slab then they will usually allow 2 small and deep individual bases to be cast (approx 600mm x 300mm x 200mm deep) upon which the bench can be secured.

The bench can be securely fixed (by us) to these. We do not cast these deep slabs , this has to be carried out by a local builder.

A minimum of 3 days from casting to fixing is required in order to allow the cement to cure.

The option of securing the bench into open ground using the ground anchors is far more secure than onto the slabs.

2.4m Oxford bench with scalloped back and standard arms