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We are a small family owned business and take great pride in all aspects of our business. We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of high quality memorial benches using FSC Oak and Iroko hardwood timber. In addition to making them we can also deliver and install throughout the UK. Find out more about us.
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Timber is a natural product...

Our benches are guaranteed to be free of defects in material or workmanship for 12 months from date of delivery; by defect we mean any aspect of material or workmanship that will prevent the bench being suitable for the purpose for which it was sold.


Above all please remember that timber is a natural product and leaving it out in the direct sun and rain will cause it to weather, particularly during summer. Cracking or “checking” of the timbers will occur due to drying out of the timber caused by the sun. This is unavoidable and occurs with any timber left outside. If this is considered unacceptable then you must choose another material.

Treatment of iroko benches with a stain (as we offer) will reduce this. Oak cannot be successfully treated with a stain.


We can give no guarantee with regard to treatment. Whilst we take great care in applying a treatment exactly how the bench will react once delivered is beyond our control. Timber is a natural product and uneven degradation of the finish may occur due to leaching out of minerals or salts held in the timber cells. Cleaning of the area and reapplication of the treatment may be necessary, this is not covered by our guarantee. Water staining will occur after rain, particularly with oak benches even when the bench has been treated with clear preservative.


No guarantee is given with regard to the security of an installation carried out by us or using any of our installation kits. It is possible for a determined thief to steal any bench no matter what security system is adapted; the same applies to plaques, they can also be stolen.


We reserve the right to amend specifications or prices without notice.

2,4m Oxford bench with scalloped back and standard arms