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We are a small family owned business and take great pride in all aspects of our business. We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of high quality memorial benches using FSC Oak and Iroko hardwood timber. In addition to making them we can also deliver and install throughout the UK. Find out more about us.
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Hand carved for posterity....

We carve all our inscriptions using traditional hand tools. Hand-carved inscriptions are durable and cannot be removed and are therefore a valuable anti-theft measure. Also the inscription does not deteriorate over time. The hand carving of inscriptions and motifs is a unique aspect of our business.


By choice we carve in Roman style script and in upper case only. This traditional style carves well, is very clear and the characters are durable.

The characters of the main inscription are usually 25mm in height and if a supporting text is required then we usually advise 23mm characters.


All carving is carried out by ourselves using traditional hand tools, we have carved inscriptions for many years and have been professionally trained by a master carver. We lay out the inscription manually and thus have full control over word and letter positioning etc.


Please note that two or three lines of script always require a shaped or scalloped back, especially if the top line of carving is long; we will advise accordingly.


We can also carve simple motifs into the bench if required (for example, a butterfly or a fish), please forward your ideas and we will quote you accordingly.


Across our bench range we are able to substitute the two middle back slats for one wide slat (approx 180mm in width) on which we can carve a large subject.


Please ensure that all names, dates etc are correct when requesting carved script; this is particularly important if you are handling the affair on behalf of another party. It is not possible to rectify an error in carved script. Hand carved inscriptions are charged at £4.50 per character.


A combination of hand carving and a plaque is also possible. For more information on our plaques please visit our plaque page.


For a quotation please either email us or ring us on 01993 881464.

Hand carving in progress