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A bench to Aberdeenshire

A bench to Aberdeenshire

The family chose a memorial bench from our standard range to be installed in the grounds of Burn House on the bank of the river North Esk in Aberdeenshire, for which they had been given permission.

They wanted to personalise the bench with a hand carved inscription, part of a famous Scottish poem, and an intricate design of the letters J and F, lilies, a maple leaf, chantrelle mushrooms and a thistle. (see picutre of the original drawing in the gallery below) The initials J and F were made prominent by being carved deeply and the lilies, thistle, mushroom and maple leaves carved less deeply.

The bench was delivered and installed by us. On this occasion a delivery by ourselves was possible as we had a run of benches to the North.

The location for the bench involved a drive along a narrow forest track followed by transportation of the bench and materials for a further 500 metre by hand truck. Once the bench was installed on the slabs, we covered them with the surrounding materials and it looked like the bench had been there for a while.

The family was very pleased with the result. Andy, The Bursar of Burn House stated the following:

Many thanks for installing such a lovely bench on our walk. I've just been to see it and you have installed it really well, very sympathetically, leaving some of the undergrowth too, which I totally approve of. It will give joy for many years to come “ you can take pride in that...

Bench details:

  • 2.4m Oxford range bench left in natural state
  • Shaped back and standard arms
  • Hand carved inscription and hand carved motifs
  • Installed onto slabs
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