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Memorial Bench Ilford

Memorial Bench Ilford

On Thursday January 22nd we delivered and installed a number of benches around the London area including the bench shown in the photo above.

The client visited us in December to discuss the requirements and after delivery we received the following words of appreciation.

Dear Graham and Ria, 

Just wanted to say a big thank you for this most beautiful and fitting tribute to my beloved parents Ratan and Katie. As my parents lived in India so far away from me,  I wanted to do something that my family and I could cherish here every day. 

I can see, Graham, this has been a real work of art with much love and care gone into it. 

Thank you for your patience with all the changes over the weeks and for your kindness and sensitivity at such an emotional time for me. This beautiful bench will bring me and my family much joy as we sit on it thinking of all the good times.

Many thanks again

Such unsolicited words as those above continue to inspire us and remind us of the sensitive nature of our work and the need for us to satisfy in all areas.

The bench is an Oxford (Iroko) 1.8m, scalloped back with curved arms. The BNH inscription stands for Bacha Nursing Home.

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