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We are a small family owned business and take great pride in all aspects of our business. We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of high quality memorial benches using FSC Oak and Iroko hardwood timber. In addition to making them we can also deliver and install throughout the UK. Find out more about us.
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Oak Range

Please be advised that as from September 28th 2016 we are no longer taking orders for benches manufactured from European oak. The details contained on this page are for the reference of clients who have oak benches on order.


We recommend that if you require a bench to be placed in a well used public space you choose a heavy weight bench. If you require it to be placed in a less demanding position such as a cemetery then a medium weight bench is quite adequate. many clients however choose the heavyweight option because of its visual sturdiness.

In service the weathering process will lead to opening up of the grain leading to cracks appearing in the timber, particularly the tops of the legs and heavy sections such as rails and arms. This is normal with all timbers and especially with oak; it does not affect the strength or durability of the bench.

Due to the weathered appearance of oak benches when they have been installed for a while they may not be a suitable choice where adjacent furniture or timber structures are painted or likewise maintained. If this is the case then iroko timber may be a better choice.

The weathering effect can be reduced by oiling the benches with tung oil, as recommended by Liberon (a well respected company specialising in traditional finishes). The oil helps nourish and seal the timber reducing the amount of cracking that will otherwise occur.

We recommend that our oak benches be treated with this or similar oil and that this treatment be continued into the future see  Tung oil advice from Liberon and Oak timber and maintenance [May 2016]

Oak benches can be painted or stained after they have weathered but specialist paints are required.

Please be aware that oak timber will show water stain after rain until it has weathered (even if it is treated with clear preservative). Also tannins will wash out of the timber and stain concrete slabs and timber decks.

2.1m heavy duty oak bench with scalloped back and standard arms
2.4m heavy duty oak bench with straight back and standard arms