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We are a small family owned business and take great pride in all aspects of our business. We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of high quality memorial benches using FSC Oak and Iroko hardwood timber. In addition to making them we can also deliver and install throughout the UK. Find out more about us.
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All plaques are fitted into a machined recess and held in place with screws. Often a combination of carved inscription and plaque is best, particularly if a long sentiment is required.


(Together) we select a plaque size that best suits the amount of script required as well as the size and design of bench. All script is finished in black unless otherwise requested.


Our recommendation is to choose a brushed stainless steel plaque, particularly with an oak bench –  they will not deteriorate over time and cost only a little more than a brass. Oak contains tannins and after rain unsightly staining will appear on a brass plaque.

Please be aware that brass plaques tarnish very quickly and show unsightly water stains.


If the plaque is carrying a sentiment or acknowledgement that is secondary to the main carved inscription, then this is often best placed centrally on the front lower rail. (this leaves the main inscription uncluttered).


Brass plaques are priced from £55 and brushed stainless steel plaques are priced from £75, including machining the recess in the bench and fitment.


All plaques are made for us by a specialist company.


We are also happy to fit a plaque supplied by yourself (charge of £25 if fitted into machined recess).


For a quotation please contact us via our enquiry pageemail or ring us on 01993 881464.


Images of available plaques
(in descending order)

Stainless steel

Brass plaque (2)

IMG_1045_Brass Plaque
CIMG5900_Stainless steel