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Replacement bench in Dover

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Replacement bench in Dover

During the first week of July 2015 we replaced an existing bench above the white hills of Dover with one made by us and secured using our open ground kit. The existing bench had been secured using the “spike” favoured by most of our competitors. This method is quick and crude; the delivery team place the bench directly onto the ground and hammer in the 2 spikes with no levelling of the bench taking place. In this instance the client had to reinforce the fixing by adding cement as the bench had worked loose.

Our method is to dig 4 holes fasten leg extensions to the legs, drop the bench into position and level. Add cement and water to the hole, backfill and place grass around the legs. This method of fixing is more secure and the bench is left level.

In 22 years of securing benches to our standards we have always had satisfied clients with none being stolen or working loose.

Your method of securing the bench was far superior to the previous attempt. I went up there today and it is as solid as a rock! Adrian T.

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