Oxford Memorial Benches | Oxford Memorial Benches - Why buy from us?
We are a small family owned business and take great pride in all aspects of our business. We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of high quality memorial benches using FSC Oak and Iroko hardwood timber. In addition to making them we can also deliver and install throughout the UK. Find out more about us.
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Why buy from us?

We are a small and caring business, and have made memorial benches since 1993. In addition to manufacturing benches we can also deliver and install the bench offering you, the client, a complete service. Below are some of the key areas of our business that sets us apart from other bench manufacturers:



We take great pride in producing the highest quality bench from the highest quality materials.



We only sell what we manufacture ourselves. By manufacturing all components in-house we have complete control over timber selection and the quality.



Having complete control over the manufacturing process enables us to modify our bench designs should you wish.



All benches are made to order, we carry no ready-made stock.



We hand carve all inscriptions using traditional chisels. Hand carved script is far more beautiful than machine carved script because only chisels can create fine detail.


In addition to carving script we also carve images of animals, flowers, birds etc further personalising the bench.


See our Hand Carving and Picture Gallery page for more information.



We deliver ourselves using our own vehicles to anywhere in the UK. If you are prepared to be flexible with regard to timing then the delivery charge (including Wales, the North of England and Scotland) can be reasonable. If you wish the bench to go to Scotland or Northern England on an urgent basis then we send it securely on a pallet.



We offer an installation service (when we deliver) so that your bench will be secured immediately on delivery. See our Delivery and Installation page for more information.



Should you require the bench to be stained rather than left in its natural state then we can do so. See our Timber & Treatment page for more information.



Although the manufacture of benches is our main business we have made a small variety of other items such as coffee tables. Contact us should you wish to discuss your additional requirements.



Although individual clients commission most of our benches, we also supply benches to the many colleges of Oxford University, English Heritage sites, The National Trust, Lundy Island, Fulham Palace and many council authorities and cemeteries throughout the UK.



You are most welcome to visit us to discuss your commission. many clients prefer to meet us, discuss their requirements, have a look at some benches and see our workshop. Its all part of the complete and personal service that makes us unique.



Do not confuse us with the many other companies in this business who sell on imported benches, your bench is manufactured especially for you, to the highest standard and you need accept no compromise.



We are totally dedicated to the manufacture of benches, we do not sell benches alongside parasols, planters or other products.


1.5m Oxford bench with scalloped back and standard arms
1.5m Woodstock bench with straight back and standard arms
Scalloped Back / Curved Arms / Wide Centre Slat
2,4m Oxford bench with scalloped back and standard arms